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Call us: +44 161 488 3488.

Call us:
+44 161 488 3488

PNO is Europe’s largest independent
public funding advisory, annually raising
over €250 million on behalf of its clients.

PNO employs just under 250 staff
operating in 12 European countries.
In terms of core services, PNO is active
across the entire grant acquisition process.

Manufacturing and Materials Scheme

The aim of this new funding programme is to stimulate and broaden innovation in the areas of manufacturing and materials to increase UK manufacturing productivity, material efficiency and competitiveness into the long term. Innovate UK aim to fund a range of projects that address technical or commercial challenges associated with, for example:

  • taking an innovative step in addressing the manufacturing readiness of growing sectors
  • the development of more flexible or efficient processes
  • greater customisation of products to fit diverging consumer needs
  • diversification of product and service lines to serve new markets
  • the development of novel services that open up new sources of revenue from manufacturing

Competition Scope

Projects must cover one of the following areas:
  • innovation in a manufacturing system, technology, process or business model. For example, in process engineering, industrial biotechnology, mechanical conversion processes, coatings, textiles, supply chain management, new product introduction processes or remanufacture
  • innovation in materials development, properties, integration or reuse. For example, for light-weighting, energy generation and storage (such as heat and electricity), electronics/sensors or for operation in demanding environments. For the purposes of this competition, materials include, but are not limited to, nano-materials, ceramics, metals and inter-metallics, polymers, composites, coatings, smart materials and joining of dissimilar materials


  • all projects must be led by a UK-based business
  • all projects must involve at least one SME
  • if project costs are less than £100,000, then an SME can apply as a single applicant or may also work with other businesses or research organisations
  • if the project costs are £100,000 or more then the project must include at least two partners working collaboratively
  • the innovation project must last between 6 months and 3 years
  • the innovation project must focus on technical feasibility, industrial research and/or experimental development.

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