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Call us: +44 161 488 3488.

Call us:
+44 161 488 3488

PNO is Europe’s largest independent
public funding advisory, annually raising
over €250 million on behalf of its clients.

PNO employs just under 250 staff
operating in 12 European countries.
In terms of core services, PNO is active
across the entire grant acquisition process.

Biomedical Catalyst

The Biomedical Catalyst scheme offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and academics looking to develop innovative solutions to healthcare challenges either individually or in collaboration. Support will be available for projects arising from any sector or discipline that are aimed at addressing healthcare challenges.

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Example solutions may include (but are not limited to): stratified healthcare (both therapy and diagnostic components), regenerative medicine, diagnostics, eHealth and mHealth solutions, enabling medical technologies and devices. The Biomedical Catalyst will seek to support those opportunities which demonstrate the highest scientific and commercial potential irrespective of medical area.

This joint programme between the MRC and TSB will offer three categories of grant, including Feasibility, Early Stage and Late Stage Awards. The categories are designed to support the maturation of an idea from concept to commercialisation. This will create a pipeline of projects encompassing the early stage exploration of commercial and technical potential through to proving utility in the field (which may involve human clinical trials) and development prior to commercialisation. Applicants may apply for the award category most appropriate for their work without having received a prior award.

Biomedical Catalyst details:

  • Feasibility Award: This grant enables the exploration and evaluation of the commercial potential of an early-stage scientific idea.Projects will last up to 12 months, a maximum grant of £150k is available, and up to 75% of total project costs may be funded.

  • Early Stage Award: This grant is to evaluate the technical feasibility of an idea and establish proof of concept in a model system.Projects will last up to 3 years, have a maximum grant of £2.4m, and up to 50% of total project costs may be funded.

  • Late Stage Award: This grant takes a well-developed concept and demonstrates its effectiveness in a relevant environment. Projects will last up to 3 years and have a maximum grant of £2.4m; up to 50% of total project costs may be funded.
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