PNO have successfully raised £1.3M of grant funding from the last round of Smart, with 7 SMEs benefitting

The July 2015 SMART results are out, and it’s fantastic news for PNO! PNO have once again achieved excellent results, aligning with our exemplary  80% SMART success rate (the national average is 10%). We have successfully raised £1.3 million in grant funding with 7 very diverse SMEs benefitting. The SMEs belong to a wide range of sectors including the healthcare, mining, digital technologies and recycling industries.

PNO’s constant, outstanding level of work and commitment to its clients in this SMART round has once again provided SMEs with the keys to deliver vital innovation to the UK market and beyond. Projects from this round will contribute essential advancements to fire safety measures, healthcare scanning methods and even a solution to recycling plastic.

Who else would you trust to help your SME reach its innovation goals?

The remaining Smart deadlines in 2015 are September (24th) and November (26th).  If you are considering a submission or keen to know more about the scheme,  call us today on 0161 488 3488.