CLIPS partners meet for a productive consortium meeting and stakeholder engagement workshop

The CLIPS partners met for a productive consortium meeting on the 4th Dec in Manchester Central Library.

This was followed by the first of two stakeholder engagement workshops on the 5th December, in which local business participated, including a talk by Futurologist Tom Cheesewright on cloud based public services. The aim of the workshop was to better understand the needs of key stakeholders and end users to facilitate the future adoption of the CLIPS service model. The CLIPS project, in which PNO are a partner delivering business modelling, development of the sustainability strategy and dissemination, commences in February 2014.


Are you a public authority looking to improve resource efficiency, reduce costs and improve service delivery for the benefit of your citizens?

Then we need your input...

The CLIPS partners are keen to involve other public organisations, municipalities, citizens and SMEs to help further define end user requirements and to ensure that the final result is targeted towards your needs. This is essential for the sustainability of the project and for future adoption. As a result we would like to better understand the challenges that you face that may be addressed through the use of the cloud whether that be resource, financial or even technical.

We would like you to share your views by completing a short questionnaire that can be found at

All input will be recorded and will be taken into account within the project.