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Call us: +44 161 488 3488.

Call us:
+44 161 488 3488

PNO is Europe’s largest independent
public funding advisory, annually raising
over €250 million on behalf of its clients.

PNO employs just under 250 staff
operating in 12 European countries.
In terms of core services, PNO is active
across the entire grant acquisition process.

Some comments from our clients

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Project: SMART  Development of Prototype and TSB Collaborative R&D

PNO have helped Datasys, a software company who deliver software solutions specialising in supplying complex rail management systems to the UK Train Operating Companies and their stakeholders, to raise nearly £1 million in grant funding for their innovative development projects.

Andrew Bithell, MD of Datasys

"PNO Consultants expertly guided us from complete novices through to successful being awarded both a SMART and a Collaborative R&D grant from the Technology Strategy Board. All the envisaged pain of the application process was completely avoided and we were extremely grateful for the professionalism and skill exhibited by the consultants from PNO. We certainly see this as the beginning of a long running relationship."

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Project: SMART Proof of Concept & Development of Prototype

PNO Consultants assisted Karm Conductives in applying for a SMART Proof of Concept grant from the Technology Strategy Board. Grants of £100k with a follow on of £225k were awarded for their research into a novel Hybrid Cylinder Technology that will help provide a future for the Gravure printing industry.

Mark Jones, Technical Director of Karm Conductives

"I firmly believe that you need the best people possible in every field of business life....

We initially found PNO consultants through a search on Google and consider that we were very fortunate to have found a company who were exceptionally proficient. Throughout the whole process of the smart grant application we were skilfully guided, with their consultants displaying a tremendous ability to quickly understand a new industrial sector.

PNO consultants were invaluable in Karm Conductives Group being successfully awarded the Technology Strategy Board SMART proof of concept grant for our Hybrid Printing Cylinder Technology and will without doubt be utilising them in the near future."

Project: Various Grants and Technology Competitions

PNO Consultants have assisted G-Volution Ltd in applying for several grants and innovative technology competitions.

Chris Smith, MD of G-Volution

"G-volution is a UK based high technology start up that has used PNO Consultants since 2007, when we were awarded a 150k DTI grant to develop our technology. We became aware of their skills when, in 2007, we did not make the regional final of the Shell Springboard award. In 2008, with the help of PNO, we managed to win a Shell Springboard award (40k!).

In 2010-11-12 we have applied for two TSB awards with PNO. In the first, they did such an excellent job that we were awarded some of the highest marks in our bid. In the second, having been given no time at all by us and our consortia, they delivered a first class application. PNO are an excellent team to work with because they are knowledgeable, professional and fun. In my (extensive) experience of seeking grant funding, you will not find a better team to partner with."

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